—Imagine books were humans, here is how you should treat them.


Have you ever thought of books as humans and would love to treat them like you would treat a human you love? If yes, then read on:

1. Books Don’t Love to be Picked: C’mon, you can pick up a book and read. I mean, what book doesn’t love to be picked in that regard? When I say books don’t love to be picked, I mean that they don’t love it when you pick their ears or edges.

 It’s always painful, like when you pick the ears of a person. Books feel pained when you pick their ears, it’s just that you can’t hear them scream .


2. Books Don’t Love to be Folded: Don’t fold a book —the entire book or its pages. You can use a page marker to mark an important page you would want to return to, but don’t ever fold a book, it makes them feel suppressed.

For those who fold an entire book into their bags or pocket, your sin is a story for another day.


Now, let’s move on to what Books Love:


1. Books Love to be Given Out: Books don’t just give knowledge, information or experience, they love to be given out.

During the Christmas season, I made sure I send out hampers filled with books, chocolates and other interesting things.

Give out books.

I know that every book page is a chest of treasure, so when I share a book, I share an ultimate treasure. Appreciate all those who give you gifts of books and endeavour to give out one.

2. Books love to be Discussed: if a book is the subject of your gossip, then not to worry, the book will not hold it against you. There is nothing that interests a book more than when people talk about it. You don’t need to agree with what it says.

Disagree, agree, lampoon, critique, praise or appraise, the book will be all smiles.

 All a book wants is to generate conversation and that’s what you do when you make a book the subject of your aproko.

Close to this is the idea of book reviews. Oh! Every book loves to be reviewed and authors wait for reviews like parents wait for the result of a paternity test. If you love or dislike a book, review it! If there’s an author you want to gain his attention, call out his or her work.



That’s it on what books love and do not love. Are you thinking of doing any bookie thing? Let’s talk about it @ www.afamwrites.com




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