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It was a cool evening on the 16th of January 2021. Creatives from around the country were seated for an open discussion. This was at  Eriata Heights Oriokuta-Ikorodu, Lagos.

The evening talks was on Mental Health, the moderator of the session asked a question: do writers go to poetry, or does poetry come to writers? This was on the background that many poets have died due to depression. As a result, some people have come to associate the beautiful art with suicide.

Attempts were made at answering the question. Here is a summary of the answers:

1. Some young people write their sad experience as poetry

2. Most of these sad-themed works make it to the journals, magazines and anthologies. There are many of them on the social media

3. Some readers/consumers recognize the poet’s feelings as theirs. Thus are infected by the sadness in these works

4. This infection leads the consumers / readers into depression

5. Depression could lead to suicide.

The above answers leaves one with the question:

Should writers stop writing sad themed works because they trigger depression in their readers?

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2 thoughts on “Writers, Consumers & Depression 1”

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  2. I don’t think writers should stop putting down their experiences simply because it may lead to depression for the readers.

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