Writers, Consumers & Depression III

What makes some readers depressed is their inability to define who or what to read. Or what kind of support to expect from the work of a writer. It is true that some of these readers have family, friends and other people who should be their support system. Sometimes, they do not find support in these groups. As an alternative, they decide to find support in literature or arts. They get fascinated by a writer or artiste. As such, expect a lot from them.

Some even go  to the extent of trying to define a duty for writers. They believe that the duty of writers is to bring them out of depression. These type of consumers of arts oppose writers who “drive them deeper into depression with sombre lines.” They mark the work of writers like Pamilerin Jacob as suicidal. For them, such writers ought not to write.

Photo credit: Ebubechukwu Bruno Nwagbo

In reaction, a writer by the pseudonym Oluwaniglory rejected the opinion that writers should stop writing sad themed works. In Oluwaniglory’s opinion, writers express the hidden, and the unexplainable through these works. It is through these works that they hit back at their oppressors. And relief their selves of pain. He wonders how such writers would survive if they are stopped from writing sad-themed works.

There lies the challenge. While the writer  thinks he cannot survive unless he expresses his/her sad thoughts. The reader thinks he cannot survive if s(h)e if he keeps reading these sad works.
It seems either one stops writing or the other stops reading.

Can writers or readers do this? Will they be solving the problem by doing so?

Please share your thoughts. Follow this series and share it with others. Hopefully, we will find a solution to the problem of writers, consumers and depression.

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3 thoughts on “Writers, Consumers & Depression III”

  1. Well, life is full of ups and downs. The good,the bad and the ugly. Life is also a mixture of tragic and comic elements. Therefore, writers ought to write with this in mind. Writers should also write to encourage and not to discourage. They should focus more on things that will enlighten the burden of the heart and through this elongate readers’ life and make life worth living.

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