Anatomy of Boys, Men and Others

The third in the series of BOYS ARE NOT STONES, the book Anatomy of Boys, Men and Others explores the relationship between boys, men and others in a world that seems to put so much responsibility on the Boychild.


The 210 paged e-book is edited by Jaachi Anyatonwu, Jamiu Ahmed, John Chizoba Vincents, Ebubechukwu Bruno Nwagbo and Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell.


In the forword to the book, Jide Badmus describes the boy child as a flawed god. He  recommends the anthology as an avenue for the expression of the doubts, confusions and misconceptions about the gender. Through the poems, stories, drama and essays the contributors help the Boychild and the society to find a balance.


Here is the download link to the much anticipated book.



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